Skype Postural Alignment Sessions
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How Skype Sessions Work

Antje offers the same high quality, personalized posture alignment therapy you receive face-to-face, but can be done from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. You simply need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a webcam and Skype Software.

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Get Free Skype software here!

MOVAVI offers free screen recording for Skype sessions for MAC and PC.

You can also record directly through Skype if you have a paid business account.

How Using Skype Works
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    Email posture photos before the Skype session.

    Have someone (or use a tripod and timer) take a front view, both side views, and the back view of you. Wear very little clothing, such as shorts only for men. For women, wear shorts and tight fitting tank, sleeveless shirt, sports bra, regular bra, or bathing suit top. You'll also need to fill out a health questionnaire to create a personalized exercise menu.

    Antje will review your posture photos and your health information before your in-person Skype meeting.

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    What happens in Skype sessions.

    During the first Skype session, Antje assesses your current posture against your posture pictures. You'll do functional movement tests and a gait analysis to help Antje evaluate your posture.

    Based on the posture pictures and the in-person Skype session, Antje teaches you how to do your personalized menu of exercises.

    In each session, your posture will be re-evaluated and any modifications will be made to your current exercise menu.


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    Because the time required for Sykpe sessions is the same if not more than face-to-face sessions, the pricing is the same. Click here to see pricing.


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