Getting Started with The Egoscue® Method

Your First Session

Antje spends about 2 hours during your first session to carefully assess your posture and compensations.

Alignment Photos

Pictures are taken of the front, back and both sides of your body at the beginning of each session, which show precise joint position and how muscles are compensating.

Exercises for Your Body

Through functional movement tests, observing gait movement and reviewing an intake of your health history, Antje assembles a set of exercises, an "ecise menu", designed specifically for your body. This menu of exercises unwinds compensations and dysfunctions that have built up over time.

Each menu is designed to help re-educate the nervous system and the muscles. After practicing the initial menu, consecutive menus will continue to reposition the joints and straighten and strengthen specific muscle groups.

Would you like to get started?

Antje uses your Beginner's Package (3 individual sessions) to provide education, exercises and tools to relieve your pain. The total number of sessions you will need depends on your dedication, goals and progress. 3 sessions, others need 8 or more sessions.

Would you like to get started?

The Initial Session

A private posture alignment therapy session including: health intake history, posture analysis, photos, gait analysis and functional tests. Antje provides an initial take-home menu of corrective exercises designed for your body and online access to ePete software. 90 — 120 minutes (or more as needed).

Follow-up Session

Private posture alignment follow-up session to reassess your posture and create a revised menu of corrective exercises. Instruction and coaching to continue with exercises. 90 minutes.

Starter Package

Individual posture alignment therapy sessions. This includes the Initial Session plus three to eight 90—minute follow-up sessions, depending on your progress and needs.

Intensive Training

Includes the Initial Session and 4 sessions with a new exercise menu and 4 exercise menu review sessions every week to 10 days.

Please contact Antje for more information and pricing.