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Non-medical Pain Relief.

You can learn how to eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain naturally without using medication. You often have options other than manipulation or surgery.

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Postural Alignment Therapy has a high and proven success rate in eliminating chronic spinal, muscle and joint pain.


Antje Waxman, Postural Alignment Specialist, Egoscue® University Certified

antje waxman, certified egoscue practitioner

Antje Waxman is a Postural Alignment Therapist in Charlottesville, Va. She offers personal and small group sessions in her office. She also educates and motivates people to understand how alignment is connected to degeneration and pain through public programs, classes and workshops. “Correct alignment is an essential foundation for good health and fitness”, she teaches. Antje is also a certified Nordic Walking instructor.

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"During a recent trip to Virginia to visit my friend Dr. Zach Bush, I connected with Postural Alignment Specialist Antje Waxman, who works with Zach's patients at the clinic. Antje uses customized postural therapy to help clients of all ages relieve pain, fix alignment issues, and boost health naturally. Since doing a session with Antje, my chronic low back problems have greatly improved, as has my ability to hold a squat, and my wife is seeing fast results with flexibility by following the technique. During the show, we discuss common alignment issues, the benefits of postural therapy, and Antje demonstrates a number of moves you can do at home to start improving your posture today." -- Dr. Daniel Pompa

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Get back in your game.

Postural Alignment Therapy also improves your athletic performance because your muscles, bones and joints are moving as they are designed to do. Once your body is aligned, strength can be restored and built so you can enjoy your exercise and game again.